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  • Invasive Visual Recording Arrest


    The department’s Special Investigations Unit arrested an officer last night for the offense of Invasive Visual Recording...

    • 20328163 Invasive Visual Recording Arrest
    • 20328163 Mendez
  • 64th Traffic Fatality


    Special Traffic Investigators received notification from the Medical Examiner’s Office of the passing of 88 –year old Shirley Ebbs who was involved in a motor vehicle collision on November 10th...

  • On-line Reporting Made Easier


    The El Paso Police Department is happy to announce the launch of a new and improved website for on-line crime reporting...

  • Six Arrested For Trespassing Onto Private Property on Mountain


    Six persons were arrested last night for trespassing on grounds near the star on the Franklin Mountain. The area is private property and monitored closely due a recent spate of vandalism to El Paso’s iconic star on the mountain...

  • Murder on Copper


    Crimes Against Persons (CAP) detectives are continuing the investigation into the shooting of a husband and wife that occurred Saturday night at 3010 Copper...

  • Applications Being Accepted for PSB Vacancies


    The Public Service Board is accepting applications for two vacancies, one vacancy in each of the following areas...

  • Man Charged with Cruelty after Beating Puppy


    Detectives with the El Paso Police Department’s Animal Cruelty Investigations Unit arrested 32 –year old Robert Ryan Washington on November 10th after an anonymous tip of animal cruelty was received by Animal Services...

  • Two Arrested after Theft Turns into Robbery


    Officers with the Pebble Hills Regional Command TAC Unit were called to 1319 George Dieter Dr. on the afternoon of October 29th after a theft quickly escalated into an aggravated robbery...

  • 63rd Traffic Fatality


    Special Traffic Investigators received notification from the Medical Examiner’s Office of the passing of 46 –year old Albina Mayse who was involved in a three car traffic collision on Halloween evening...

  • Police Search for Suspect in Shooting


    Crimes Against Persons was called yesterday evening to assist Central Regional Command officers with a shooting at 4531 Blanco Ave...

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