Do you want to achieve financial stability and well-being, build an excellent career, develop your own business? Of course, the key to success is your personal qualities: creativity, perseverance, courage, and sociability. However, in such a difficult area, external support will not be superfluous - something that will give you self-confidence, cheer you up in moments of difficulty, inspire you with fresh ideas and attract luck to you. And our offers just such an exclusive souvenir - and this article will tell you why you need this thing and how to deal with it.

History and Interpretation of a wonderful talisman

At all times, people have tried to provide themselves with a safe, calm and happy life. And an important component of prosperity is material prosperity. Therefore, it is not surprising that so many magical items have been invented that attract wealth. For example, in the East, such an artifact is Zhaocai Chanchu, which translates as "money frog". It should be bought by those who dream of getting rich, occupying a high position in a large company, profitably investing and multiplying their resources, living off smart investments. In addition, it protects against reckless spending and bankruptcy, teaches frugality, economy and strategic planning.

But how did the strange guardian spirit come about? An ancient legend tells that once upon a time in China, there was a cruel and insidious robber Chan Chu, who attacked everyone who met his path. Exterminating hundreds of simple peasants, merchants, aristocrats and even monks, he believed in his impunity and defied the very heavens. Such insolence outraged the Buddha, and he appeared before the villain to teach him. However, even after that, the robber did not repent - in order not to part with the loot, he simply ate all the jewels. And then the heavenly person turned the bandit into a frog, forcing him to help those who suffer from poverty and wandering. From now on, every time the amphibian uttered a voice, a coin or gem would fall from its long tongue, which would later be discovered by the poor.

And according to an alternative version of the story, the magical creature was originally an ordinary frog, but very large, strong and fierce. She grew up eating everything she could swallow until she bit a virtuous priest. He pacified the monster and ordered him to compensate for the damage. From that moment on, the creature's carnivorousness is reminded only by its bulging nostrils and huge staring eyes - to highlight this aspect, they are often made red or purple. And on the animal's back, 7 diamond-shaped spots are visible - a similar pattern adorns the skin of its real prototype, the bullfrog (Lithobates catesbeianus).

It is interesting that the fairy-tale creation has only 3 legs. Some argue that this is because the fourth was torn off in the process of punishment or to prevent escape. But there is another theory: that their number correlates with the phases of the Moon and hints at the full moon - days when the esoteric essence is most powerful.

Symbol of wealth and luck - types and interpretation

Sacred Asian art is extremely expressive and allegorical, distinguished by lush decorativeness and ornamentalism. Therefore, the basic image was constantly replenished with new details. And here are its main modifications:

  • A statuette that clutches a coin in its mouth - the usual European or Chinese one, with a square hole in the middle (they used to pull a rope there, conveniently transporting their property without a wallet). As a rule, they are placed upside down (front side) to increase the positive effect - to increase your income and avoid waste. On the other hand, this element can be movable - freely removed and inserted back. Glued or one-piece, it will have the opposite result - it will be much more difficult for you to earn;
  • An animal with a deep slit in its mouth. The owner puts bills in there on his own in order to learn how to properly dispose of savings, to draw up a budget correctly, to wean ourselves off spontaneous purchases, shopaholicism, and impulsive purchases, which in the end will not bring you any satisfaction;
  • The figure, the pedestal under which looks like a scattering of coins, represents your economic "security cushion" - inheritance, shares, deposits, bonds, other accumulations. With it, you are not afraid of global defaults or personal destruction;
  • The pedestal in the form of the Ba-Gua emblem ("eight trigrams", a concept from Buddhist philosophy that embodies cosmogenesis and the diversity of human existence, as well as the inseparable unity of two opposite beginnings - male "yang" and female "yin") encourages you to be creative , self-development, improvement of professional skills, search for opportunities for career growth. Combinations of this and the previous version of the stands are common;
  • You can combine not only framing, but also favorable patrons. An example of such a union is the funny fat man Hotei on a frog. Named after a canvas alms bag, this god comes from Japanese mythology. It fulfills cherished wishes, gives joy, pacification and serenity, facilitates communication and removes complexes. And if one or more of its smaller copies sits on the back near the frog, then the "pyramid", in addition to the main effect, promotes fertility and promises quick changes for the better in the sphere of intimate and family relationships.

Materials and techniques are what elite masterpieces are made of

The principle "like attracts like" has been known for a long time. Therefore, only truly valuable tools can guarantee maximum wealth and success. Therefore, they tried to use precious metals and the most beautiful minerals for them. So, platinum, gold and silver, jade (it is associated with purity, harmony and immortality) and its rarer and harder variety jadeite (instills patience and justice in the owner, heals ailments, and in the case of a mortal threat, splits, accepting it on yourself), rubies (a stone of power, valor, invulnerability and longevity), emeralds (they cleansed the mind from accumulations, endowed insight and wisdom), amethysts (dispelled nightmares, harmful passions and addictions).

Now such products are cheaper and more accessible - the raw materials for them are ceramics, glass, wood, bronze, plastic. However, truly unique creations are still highly valued - in particular, those created from natural amber. This strong and malleable natural gem is great for carving, grinding, and engraving. It has a wonderful texture - from impeccably transparent to impenetrably matte - and the widest palette, stretching from gentle pastels (cream, lemon, sand) to intense crimson, orange, cognac, brown, olive-green tones. Which means that whatever takes your fancy - a frog with an open mouth, a turtle, a dragon, a carp - will look stylish and extraordinary.

However, no matter what the obvious advantages of solidified resin are, they are many times surpassed by its healing power. Sunstones contain iodine, selenium, magnesium, potassium, copper, iron and zinc, succinic acid and essential oil. When the temperature rises, they begin to evaporate, saturating the air with useful substances, displacing city smog, bacteria, toxins and microbes, alleviating the symptoms of allergies, asthma, colds and lung diseases - from SARS to tuberculosis. This is especially relevant in the autumn-winter season - contact with healing gems activates immune protection, accelerates the production of natural antibodies to the causative agents of the infection, softens its course and further recovery.

Also, shimmering cabochons (extracted from the crust of weathering and polished pieces of hardened resin) take care of other organs and systems of the body - from nervous to locomotor:
  • Adjust the circadian biological rhythm (the alternation of rest and wakefulness is characteristic of you personally), prevent insomnia, depression, neuroses, apathy, and irritability;
  • They strengthen the psyche, adapting it to stress, increase the level of endorphins, serotonin and dopamine - "hormones of happiness";
  • They slow down aging, smooth out wrinkles and age spots, eliminate lethargy, dryness or excessive oiliness of the skin, normalize its turgor (elasticity and elasticity), improve nails and hair;
  • They prevent anemia by preventing the breakdown of erythrocytes (red blood cells that deliver oxygen to the tissues of the body), and thanks to this, relieve pain in muscles and joints after training;
  • Regulate the performance of the pituitary gland, adrenal glands and thyroid gland;
  • Regulate the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract, preventing the formation of gastritis, stomach ulcers, polyps in the small and large intestines, cirrhosis of the liver;
  • Increase libido and fertility (ability to conceive) in men and women.
Now that you know what a frog with a coin in its mouth means, you need to choose your ideal thing - through the online catalog or by visiting the brand's official store. We present exclusively author's works from certified Polish amber, made by hand by talented craftsmen. Therefore, any of our products, from paintings made of crushed stone to lamps and clocks, will be chic, original and original - a desirable exhibit for a collector, a non-standard decor for the interior, a powerful amulet for your home.

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